Jason received his master’s in clinical psychology from Antioch University at their Los Angeles campus with a specialization in Post-Deployment PTSD. He also spent a year training at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center before returning to Chicago where he was a counselor at several suburban practices where he worked with individuals, couples, families and groups. In addition to extensive training and experience working with veterans, Jason has years of experience working with those in the LGBQT community, as well as adolescents who might be questioning their orientation and/or identities, have emotional outbursts or who suffer from anxiety or depression. He also has worked extensively with parents of children with these issues or questions. Likewise, Jason has worked extensively with those experiencing grief, life changes, job loss and isolation. He has experience working with those suffering from the mental health effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, and schizoid symptons and/or diagnoses. In addition, as a professional actor and musician of forty years, he has been helping creative artists realize their potential, vision and goals as both a teacher and peer. Thus he uses music, theatre, film, and popular culture to help patients express aspects of their inner worlds.

Some of the issues Jason has helped individuals, couples, and families with in psychotherapy include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Issues of personal, cultural, religious/spiritual, gender and sexual identity/orientation
  • Intimacy and sexuality (both hetero and LGBTQ)
  • Emotional Reaction Regulation
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Returning Veteran’s issues, including PTSD, familial, occupational and community difficulty due to civilian re-introduction, grief, anger-management, and job insecurity
  • Mental health issues stemming from HIV+ and other sexually transmitted diagnoses
  • Parents of children on the Autism/Asperger’s Spectrum
  • Transitions: Marriage, Divorce, Loss of Occupation, Displacement, Bereavement, Grief and Loss, Parenting

Jason is an in network provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois PPO.

Personal Statement

 Hello! As a result of my extensive training and experiences working with returning veterans and the LGBTQ population, I am keenly aware of how trauma, anxiety and depression, no matter how pronounced, affects EVERYONE…even those who have lived a “normal” life. My therapeutic process comes from a combination of Narrative and Gestalt interventions…which is simply a clinical way of saying that, together, we’ll endeavor to create an environment where we can explore the story of your life and how it’s been hijacked by past traumatic episodes, lowered self-esteem, family & societal constraints, institutionalized obstacles, and financial burdens. We’ll look for exceptions to these stories – and then begin to develop the skills necessary to write a new narrative…a more fulfilling way to engage in your daily existence. Concurrently, we’ll explore the ways in which you react to your strongest emotions. We’ll look closely at how those reactions can detract from your ability to partake in a more enjoyable life and/or have more fulfilling relationships. The goal? To be unburdened by expectation, regret, anger, depression, and that which we sometimes cannot seem to overcome.