James E Jed Foster, Jr.Educational Background:
Jed grew up in suburban St. Louis and attended John Burroughs High School.  His undergraduate college years were split between Washington University in St. Louis, and Colorado State University, where he earned a bachelors degree in political science.  Jed entered St. Louis University for his graduate work and earned a masters in Counseling and Family Therapy from their medical school.

His supervised, post-graduate training was completed in both private practice and with Bridgeway Behavioral Health, a substance use disorder clinic in St. Louis which is now part of Preferred Family Health.  In 2015, Jed moved into private practice full-time, where he has worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families facing a wide range of challenges.

Positive change.  Feeling better.  Increasing happiness.  Realizing higher levels of well-being.  Building and maintaining fulfilling relationships.  These are the goals.  Jed’s ideal clients wish to enter a collaborative relationship in which discovery and exploration of intrinsic and extrinsic strengths and characteristics can be drawn upon to create momentum towards lasting, positive change and improvements in overall well-being.  Jed employs an integrative approach to counseling that involves a systemic, contextual view of clients’ lives.  Drawing from Positive Psychology, Narrative Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness CBT, and other scientifically-based approaches including Hypnotherapy, he uses a client-centered approach that is appropriately tailored by individual client needs.

Anxiety, stress management, adolescent/emerging adult issues, blended families, communication skills training, mindfulness training, phobias, and couples therapy, and substance use disorders are all areas where Jed has extensive experience and comfort.

Personal Life:
Jed spends much of his time keeping up with his three boys, aged 11, 11, and 7.  When not running them around to their various sport commitments, Jed enjoys outdoor activities including biking, hiking, and fishing.  An Emmy-winning video producer, Jed also spends time working on videos and short films.  Also a musician, he is never very far from his last session of playing the guitar and singing with his band.  Jed has a lifelong passion for learning and is always looking for advances in science that can directly translate to his own well-being and that of his family and clients.