Coaching & Consulting

We offer a variety of Coaching Services.
Our coaches and consultants are skilled at helping clients
develop a plan of action for their personal and professional life.

Coaching & Consulting

Some of our clients are looking for help setting and achieving goals for themselves—either personally or professionally. Our coaches and consultants are skilled at helping clients develop a plan of action and overcome the obstacles that interfere with their ability to execute that plan.

We offer a variety of services to address these needs:

Individual Life Coaching is a one-on-one relationship in which clients can concentrate their efforts on achieving more in life—more meaningful relationships, healthier lifestyles, and more satisfying careers.

Relationship Coaching is a specialization that helps couples find greater fulfillment in their relationships. It involves working with couples to help promote greater intimacy, healthy communication, and better conflict resolution skills, while ensuring that each partner retains their own identity within the relationship.

Executive Coaching assists companies and individuals in developing, strategizing about, and achieving their professional goals. Our coaches work with clients to create action plans that provide the structure and organization to accomplish their goals. We provide training programs that can be customized to address a number of workplace issues.

Sports Coaching is a service specific to athletes who struggle with anxiety, lack of confidence or other negative thought patterns that get in the way of actualizing their potential. Our coaches help to optimize performance through the development of mental tools that enable our athletes to minimize distracting thought processes, maintain focus and visualize successful outcomes.

Other consulting services are available to support clients with their specific goals. Our practitioners have extensive experience working with a wide variety of professionals and are available for speaking engagements on a number of topics.

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