Benjamin Goldberg, LCPC

Benjamin Goldberg, LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Benjamin Goldberg is a graduate of the Counseling Program at Northwestern University. Ben specializes in working with adolescents and children—from early childhood through the first years of college and beyond, into emerging adulthood.

Ben works to create a stimulating and safe environment that is child and teen friendly. He will often utilize social media, games, and sports to engage young people who struggle to participate in traditional forms of therapy. In addition to his clinical work, Ben has 10 years of experience working with children and teens with special needs, social-emotional issues, and behavioral challenges through his position at an overnight camp.

Ben works with individuals, parents, and families using a variety of therapeutic modalities. He has experience treating issues such as:

• Social anxiety
• Depression
• Parent-child conflict
• Attachment issues
• Oppositional behaviors
• Substance abuse
• School behavior problems
• Issues of cultural, gender, religious/spiritual, personal and/or sexual identity

Ben is not in network with any insurance companies as of 2/1/2024.

Personal statement:

If your child or teen is struggling to make it to school because they cannot find the motivation to get out of bed or they are so anxious that they cannot bear the thought of all that school entails, Ben will be able to act as a container for your child’s or teen’s feelings of fear or inadequacy. In so doing, Ben will work with you and your child or teen to create a treatment plan, achievable through realistic therapeutic goals that meet individual needs.

Conflict between caregivers and children can be extremely painful on all sides. If you are struggling with having a healthy, dynamic, or fulfilling relationship with your child or teen, Ben can work with the entire family to allow members to communicate the underlying emotions that lead to relationship problems. Often, an individual is part of a family system, and it can be beneficial for the entire family to be involved with treatment.

Ben can also work closely with parents and guardians, providing them with necessary updates and information as well as parenting strategies, communication techniques, and other forms of help.

Ben is flexible, kind, enthusiastic, and has a true gift for connecting with young people. If you think Ben would be a good fit for your child or teen, do not hesitate to reach out.



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