Treatment for Children with ADHD In Naperville

We have therapies, interventions, and strategies that can help ADHD

Lasting help is available to support children, teens and their families deal with ADHD in Naperville.

Daily life for children with ADHD is often difficult. Children with ADHD have poor impulse control, difficulty focusing, poor organization and other behavior challenges. Children with ADHD often struggle in school, frustrate their parents, and have trouble maintaining relationships with peers. In addition, they often develop anxiety and depression because they feel different and less capable than other children.

Our clinicians specialize in the cognitive and emotional development of children and adolescents with ADHD.

We use an interactive blend of therapies, such as play and talk, to foster an optimum setting for success. Our therapists are particularly skilled at engaging teenage boys and girls, often using sports, video games, and discussion of social situations unique to them to accelerate the therapeutic process.

Counselors Experienced in ADHD

We have extensive experience working with children with ADHD. We provide skills-based therapy that give children the tools they need to manage their impulsivity, become better organized, focus, and develop social skills. In addition, therapy boosts a child’s self-esteem that is often damaged because of the negative messages they receive in school and with peers.

Extensive Experience Working with Teens

We are very skilled at working with teens. By the time a teenager with ADHD enters therapy, they are usually frustrated and angry. They feel let down by the school system and often carry a negative label (lazy, underachiever, etc.). We engage teens in the therapy process. We use sports, video games, music, computers, and social media as a way to enter into their world, build trust, and ultimately help them progress in social, family, and academic situations.

Our psychotherapists enable you and your family to move from coping and surviving to leading fulfilled, connected, and independent lives.

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