Cody ToddCody Todd has a Doctorate in Psychology, is a Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified in Health Psychology, Certified in EMDR and Certified in Equine therapy. Dr. Todd has previously worked in hospital settings, forensic environments, private practice and integrative medical groups.

Dr. Todd works with individuals, couples and families. She strongly believes in individualized treatment and has extensive training and experience. She has special interest in working with the following:

  • Firefighters/EMS Personnel
  • Firefighter/EMS Spouses and Families
  • Chronic pain or medical issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress and Burnout
  • Line of Duty Trauma
  • Grief and loss
  • Death and dying

Dr. Todd accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO.

Personal Statement

Why can we say the body heals but when it comes to the mind, we stray away from this language? Experiencing feelings related to trauma, depression, anxiety etc. does not mean you are forever damaged or broken; it means you are human. I have extensive training in EMDR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology which support the brain’s natural ability to heal and re-wire itself back to a place of homeostasis.

My therapeutic style is focused, direct and empathetic. Therapy is a healing process and I work closely with clients to get them where they want to ‘go’ as soon as we can. I have specialized training with first responders, persons with chronic pain, trauma, grief and end of life issues.

My goal is to help each person gain emotional wholeness, clarity and focus in their lives; life is more than just surviving another day. When we approach therapy from a holistic viewpoint (mind, body, self) it allows these components the ability to integrate, differentiate and thus heal.